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Thunder Force

Thunder Force 

Thunder Force March 1983 saw the Earth getting subjected to cosmic radiation which provided sociopaths the ability to become superhuman. This resulted in the rise of supervillains known as Miscreants. Without a single person to stop the Miscreants ordinary people are usually left living in fear of being slain by their. Emily Stanton is determined to find a way for Miscreants to be stopped after a Miscreant murders her geneticist parents while they’re traveling to home.

In the year 1985, Emily has sacrificed much of her social life in favor research into possible ways of fighting back against Miscreants. As a result, she is being harassed, Lydia Berman stands up for her and becomes her closest and sole friend. Lydia shares Emily’s dream of providing the power of superpowers to normal people, though she tries to ensure that Emily does not overwork herself. Lydia has convinced Emily to rest for half an hour during her study time in 1993. However, Emily accidentally overslept and was up late for her AP exam. This created tension and caused them to drift from one another.

In 2024, Emily and Lydia have been on their own, with Emily becoming an accomplished scientist and researcher for her own business as well as Lydia becoming a longshoreman. Lydia tries to reconnect with Emily when their high school reunion comes around and she invites her to come. When she isn’t able to be present on the night of the reunion Lydia decides Emily is still uncomfortable attending parties by herself and decides to pick her up. Emily says that while she would like to attend the reunion, she had forgotten when the reunion was and had a project she needed to finish in the evening and Emily would like to share with Lydia. Lydia accidentally injects Lydia with the serum Emily had been working on.

Lydia receives the serum and learns from Emily the process of creating it to give normal people superhuman strength. She also learns that specific training and treatments are required to ensure that the serum isn’t fatal to her. Emily too joins Lydia in the treatment, although a less painful one as Emily took the serum in pill form to take the other superpower she concocted, invisible. Lydia and Emily are able to become close during the three-and-a-half-day training and treatment. Lydia finds out that in the years following the time they graduated from high school Emily had a daughter, Tracy who was with one of the researchers, who could not take on the responsibility and abandoned the family.

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